Sādhana Essentials by Sarvapremananda

Sarvapremananda is a dedicated student of the Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga school and a long-time heart student of Dharma Bodhi. She has been schooled and trained in multiple 'Ways' of the TMY school and is committed to supporting all students in their sādhana. With an exclusive collaboration with Trika Sādhana, Sarvapremananda offers essential and invaluable products to assist you on your spiritual journey. Sarvapremananda regularly travels to India, bridging the literal and figurative gap between the East and the Western world. Through her service-oriented and customer-friendly approach to importing Tantrik products, Sarvapremananda helps us all on our way with our sadhana. Her product offerings include beautiful murtis of deities and equipment for Way of Water students, all of which are expertly crafted and sourced with care to enhance your spiritual practice.

Please note: Sarvapremananda can ship all offers from the Netherlands, and she can also bring your order to France (in July this year) or to Costa Rica (in October this year), free of charge. Please contact us for more information if you'd like to make use of this offer!

Exclusive Personal Shopping Service in India with Sarvapremananda

Sarvapremananda is excited to offer a personal shopping service in India for her clients. This is a unique opportunity to obtain exclusive and authentic Indian products that are not easily found elsewhere. Whether it's clothing, jewelry, or home decor, Sarvapremananda can help you find the perfect item to suit your style and preferences. With her extensive knowledge of the Indian market and culture, she can source high-quality products at reasonable prices. Click the button below for more information and to start your personalized shopping experience with Sarvapremananda.