Exclusive Tantrik Artwork by Christian de Vietri

We are pleased to offer a selection of artworks by Christian de Vietri, a world-renowned Australian artist who specializes in creating bespoke artwork for Tantrik practice using both traditional and modern techniques. His talent has gained him international recognition, and he has created monumental public artworks as well as intricate altar-pieces which serve as tools for sādhana.

The range of Christian's traditional artwork, which is informed by extensive training in Vāstu Śilpa Śāstra, includes sculpture, drawing, and digital artworks of key figures and forms of the Tantrik tradition. While Christian consistently creates new artwork, he also accepts commissions for customized pieces to fit the personal needs of sincere practitioners.

Nadi Yantra Holder

The Nadi Yantra Holder is a perfect accessory for those wanting to keep their Yantra close to them at all times. It comes without the chain, allowing you to use your own preferred chain. A 24-inch chain is recommended, as it allows the pendant to rest at one’s heart. The intricate design of the holder ensures that the Yantra remains securely in place, while the minimalist form makes it elegant yet unassuming for public exposure. Wearing this pendant will help you to connect with the energy and power of the Yantra, which assists in your ascent towards the ideal that is embodied by your Iṣṭa-devatā.

The Nadi Yantra Holder is a beautifully designed pendant made of gold-plated bronze. Priced at $250, it is an elegant piece of jewellery that serves a unique purpose. This pendant is designed to hold the coiled yantra of your Iṣṭa-devatā as prescribed by the reader of your Nadi leaf(s). The Nadi leaves are ancient texts that provide insight into one's past, present, and future, and are kept within family lineages in South India.

Nadi Yantra Holder dimensions: 

80 x 10 x 10 mm (holds a 70 x 70mm Yantra or smaller)

The Nadi Yantra Holder is a contribution to the rich spiritual heritage of India, designed to align seamlessly and harmoniously with the tradition of the Nadi readers which dates back to time immemorial. It is a must-have for anyone with a Nadi Yantra, or planning to visit the Nadi readers. Order your Nadi Yantra Holder today and experience the full transformative potential of your Yantra!

Shipping costs are included in the price.

Anuttara Śiva

In the Trika Śaivism of Kashmir, the Anuttara is that than which there is nothing higher, nothing greater, nothing prior, nothing more intimate, nor closer to the sacred Heart of reality. It expresses the always-already-prior transcendental nature of Supreme Consciousness, meaning that whatever is transpiring on the relative level of life is taking place within the pre-existent ever-present plane of the Absolute. The Anuttara is therefore that which always was and always will be. The sculpture gives form to this ultimately formless condition, embodying the primacy of Consciousness and the direct path to its realisation.

Shipping costs are included in the price.

Acknowledgment: The basis of this form was inspired by an oral description by Dharmabodhi Sarasvatī of the Anuttara.

Shipping: 4 weeks.