Mālā Artist from Costa Rica

Kendra stumbled across her mālā teacher in 2017 when she was living in Denver. Tamme, who's also a Vedic astrologer, taught Kendra how to design and create mālā's, including how to implement traditional and astrological aspects into each piece. Since then, Dharma Bodhi has helped to refine the style to the traditional standards of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga and birthed the creation of the bindu, deity and Mahākala astrology mālās. Since learning, Kendra has been regularly making mālā's and is currently creating in Costa Rica.

Original Blue Bindu Mālā

Original Red Bindu Mālā

Original White Bindu Mālā

Custom made Deity Mālā

Custom made Mālā Artworks

Beads, tassels and other Mālā accessories

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